As most of you will realize there is a great deal of porn floating around the internet these days. You can get your hands on whatever you may wish, from pictures to films to amateur videos uploaded for the world to see. You do not even need to pay for it now, there are plenty of free hardcore sites who’s idea of a filter is to ask the date before you enter.

With porn so easy to come by it is little surprise that addictions are on the increase and no wonder how it is fueled. If you find yourself suffering from addiction, you are tempted 24 hours a day, every day simply by access to the net.

Why not just stop searching for it?

The problem is, many people may want to stop but find it hard, that is after all the definition of an addiction. There are many men who want to stop, their addiction is having negative effects on their lives. It is a lot harder than you may think. These days it is popularly accepted within psychiatric circles that porn addiction is indeed a mental disorder, one that needs treatment in order to fix.

Can you tell if you are a porn addict?

Somebody suffering from porn addiction will be unable to control how much time they find themselves looking at porn, even when it begins to have negative effects in their life. Much like other addictions there are some tell tale signs.

Common signs include:

– Unable to resist looking at porn.

– More than your average excitement before you look at porn.

– High amounts of pleasure as a result of porn, more like you needed it rather than just simply wanted it.

You can expect five of the following signs:

– Overly preoccupied with porn.

– Watching more than is healthy.

– You try to slow the amount of time you find yourself viewing porn but fail.

– The amount of time you spend online is such it disrupts day to day life.

– You find your job, school, social or home life seriously disrupted by viewing porn.

– You overlook prior engagements due to watching porn.

– You realize that you have a problem but can simply do nothing about it.

– You find it takes more and more porn to reach the same levels of pleasure you did before.

– If you are unable to watch porn for whatever reason, you become increasingly aggravated.

Is there a way to stop access to porn on your PC?

If you feel your loved one may be suffering from a porn addiction it is best to approach them and attempt to discuss it. If the internet is their main source of pornography there is a lot you can do. Remove temptation. You do not need to completely remove the computer and internet connection from your house.

If your partner or family member has admitted to a problem and wants help you can come to the agreement to limit their access. You can easily shut out porn sites by activating a porn blocking internet filter. One such effective filter can be found at, the recommended review site on porn filters. This is a quick and simple solution to take you on your first step to overcoming your problem, or helping somebody else overcome theirs.


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